Night of the Zombies II (1981)

aka Night of the Zombies
Article 4953 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-10-2015
Directed by Joel M. Reed
Featuring Jamie Gillis, Ryan Hilliard, Ron Armstrong
Country: USA
What it is: Zombie thriller

A spy joins forces with a doctor to find a group of World War II deserters believed to be holed up in Bavaria as well as canisters of a poisoned gas rumored to have been used in a battle there. What they find are zombies.

Reed was responsible for the notorious BLOODSUCKING FREAKS, but it doesn’t appear that his follow-up movies (this and BLOOD BATH) made any attempt to be as offensive as that one was. For a movie featuring cannibalistic zombies, this is pretty mild stuff, but then, the copy I saw on YouTube does not appear to be the full movie, as it runs about ten minutes short. It was originally titled without the number, but since an Italian movie from 1980 also used the NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES title, Reed slapped a II on the back of his; the movies are not otherwise related. There are a couple of points of interest to the story, and there’s an occasional nice piece of dialogue. Unfortunately, to get to these, you have to wade through an extremely muddled script, indifferent acting, a criminally low budget, and uninspired direction. The zombies sometimes look quite human, are rather chatty, and do a fair amount of chortling. It’s odd, and not really all that effective.


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