Hexen Geschandet und zu Tode Gequalt (1973)

aka Mark of the Devil Part II
Article 4948 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-5-2015
Directed by Adrian Hoven
Featuring Erika Blanc, Anton Diffring, Percy Hoven
Country: West Germany / UK
What it is: Exploitation horror

When a countess tries to get justice for the murder of her husband by a witch-hunter, she finds herself targeted by the witch-hunters themselves.

The catchphrase for MARK OF THE DEVIL was “Likely to upset your stomach”. This one bragged about having “Ten scenes that you will positively not be able to stomach”. You know, it’s really difficult to warm up to movies whose stated main intention is to make you vomit. Also, when a movie’s whole avowed purpose is to show corrupt, cynical sadistic men doing horrible things to mostly naive women in a brutal, uncaring world, it becomes difficult to care about anything that happens in the movie, especially when you suspect that the movie serves no other purpose than to be repellent. I know there are people who love this sort of thing; me, I can find them as dull as a treacly children’s movie; there’s so little in the way of real surprises. This was a waste of my time.


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