Super Lulu (1947)

Article 4858 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 6-28-2015
Directed by Bill Tytla
Featuring the voices of Jackson Beck and Cecil Roy
Country: USA
What it is: Little Lulu cartoon

Little Lulu is ordered by her father to stop reading super-hero comics and read “Jack and the Beanstalk”. She dreams that her father is kidnapped by the giant in the latter book, and she uses super powers to rescue him.

After the Fleischers left Paramount, there appears to have been a dramatic drop in the quality of the studio’s animated output. Based on this cartoon, I’d have to say the area that took the biggest hit was the visual quality of the cartoons; except for a nice, moody shot of the giant’s castle, on a visual level this cartoon is rather dull and flat. Still, the animation itself was still nice and fluid, and there are a few decent gags on hand as well, my favorite being when the giant takes on Super Lulu in an arm-wrestling contest. And, like the last Popeye cartoon I saw, there’s a reference to the Superman series as well. The end result is a cartoon that is merely passable.

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