The Pirates of 1920 (1911)

THE PIRATES OF 1920 (1911)
Article 4795 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 4-9-2015
Directed by David Aylott and A.E. Coleby
Country: UK
What it is: Futuristic thriller

Thieves in an airship steal the gold off of an ocean liner and bomb the ship. But they really go too far when they kidnap the hero’s girlfriend…

My copy of this movie is not complete; it’s missing the ending. However, most of the film is there, and the ending is pretty obvious; it’s not one of those movies where evil is going to triumph. The story itself isn’t particularly original, but the special effects are a treat here; the miniature work is excellent for its time, and it manages to look pretty convincing. It does move at a nice pace, and it was quite popular in its day; I’m glad most of it seems to have survived. This is one that has been on my “ones that got away” list for a while, so it’s a treat to finally have seen it.

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