Liebe muss Verstanden Sein (1933)

aka Love Has Its Reasons
Article 4787 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 3-21-2015
Directed by Hans Steinhoff
Featuring Rosi Barsony, Max Gulstorff, Kathe Haack
Country: Germany
What it is: Comedy

When a flighty stenotypist is tasked by her boss to put some money in the bank so he can invest it in an inventor, she flubs the job and loses some of the money. She tries to hunt down her boss, but he has gone out of town. She goes to the hotel where he will be staying in the hopes of catching him, but gets caught up in a series of comic mishaps.

My copy of this German comedy does not come with English dubbing or subtitles, but I did find a couple of plot descriptions to help me along. However, the plot is quite involved, and even though some of the humor is visual, much of it is verbal, and being in a foreign language, much of it escaped me. As a result, I can’t give a definite evaluation of this one. However, I can make a few observations. The presentation seems energetic and fast-paced; if the jokes are decent, this one could be a lot of fun. Also, Rosi Barsony is a lively and vivacious presence, and she’s quite fun to watch. As you may guess, the fantastic content is tied to the inventor; he’s created a robot/automaton/mechanical doll. I am a little disappointed that the plot ends up involving what was by now a pretty old trick; the woman ends up having to take the place of the doll. However, Barsony’s dancing as the doll is wonderful, and the scene where she performs is the definite visual highlight of the movie. It’s always nice when I can find things to enjoy in movies that I can’t otherwise fully appreciate.

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