Kaidan ‘Chidori-ga-fuchi’ (1956)

aka The Ghost of Chidori-ga-fuchi
Article 4778 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 3-10-2015
Directed by Elichi Koishi
Featuring Harue Akagi, Ushio Akashi, Ryutaro Aoyagi
Country: Japan
What it is: Ghost story

A man’s wife dies in a swamp. Her ghost returns to haunt him.

This is another movie that was rescued from my “ones that got away” list when I discovered I could order a used VHS of the film; unfortunately, the tape was from Japan, so of course there’s no English dubbing or subtitles. As a result, I can’t really give a comprehensive review of it. However, I have heard that it’s not really very good, and based on what I did see, it seems slow, talky and uneventful. The ghost doesn’t really come into play until near the end of the movie, and even then, not a whole lot happens. It’s a fairly short film (66 minutes), but the draggy pace makes it feel a lot longer. Unless there’s some really interesting dialogue, there’s not much to recommend here.

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