Mars (1930)

MARS (1930)
Article 4751 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 2-6-2015
Directed by Walter Lantz and William Nolan
Voice actors unknown
Country: USA
What it is: An Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Cartoon

During a fight over a girl, Oswald is knocked into outer space and lands on Mars, where he encounters strange creatures.

It’s tempting to describe Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as a Mickey Mouse clone, but it would be both unfair and inaccurate; Oswald was in fact a co-creation of Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks that pre-dated the existence of Mickey, so if anything, the lines of imitation went the other way. In this cartoon, he does what any self-respecting cartoon character from the early thirties would do; he warbles a song and encounters other animated characters, all in a framework that has the barest hint of a plot. The preponderance of songs at this era in cartoondom was, of course, due to the novelty of sound; it’s also probably one of the reasons it’s one of the duller periods in cartoon history. However, once you get past the songs, the cartoon starts trotting forth an abundance of strange and bizarre critters; it’s almost like an early version of PORKY IN WACKYLAND. We also have a witch to add to the fantastic content, as well as the ubiquitous talking (and singing) animals. The strange Martian creatures are the most appealing thing here, and it makes the short one of the more entertaining ones of the period.

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