Who Wants to Kill Jessie? (1966)

aka Kdo chce zabit Jessii?
Article 4746 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-20-2015
Directed by Vaclav Vorlicek
Featuring Dana Medricka, Jiri Sovak, Olga Schoberova
Country: Czechoslovakia
What it is: Sci-Fi comic book screwball comedy

A woman scientist develops a drug that can alter the dreams of a man or animal; however, unknown to her, the displaced dreams manifest themselves in the real world. When she thinks her husband is dreaming of another woman, she gives him the drug, unaware that he has been dreaming of several characters from a comic book…

I have to admit that of the many foreign movies I’ve seen for this series, the ones that seem to most consistently delight me are the ones from Czechoslovakia. This is especially true of the comedies like this one; the fact that I have to enjoy them via subtitles doesn’t make them any less funny, and this one is quite hilarious. I love some of the creative things they do with the idea; the comic book characters are a truly odd bunch (a sexy woman scientist, a cowboy and a Superman clone who is one of the villains), and the fact that they still communicate via comic book balloons (a consistently clever special effect in the movie) adds to the charm. I also like that the movie delves into some interesting side issues, such as – when the comic book characters engage in destruction, who is legally responsible? Oddly enough, the movie is structured a bit as a sex farce involving the struggles of a married couple who both find themselves attracted to other people. This is truly and enjoyable, wonderful movie.

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