The Wednesday Children (1973)

Article 4737 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-16-2015
Directed by Robert D. West
Featuring Carol Cary, Marji Dodril, Tom Kelly
Country: USA
What it is: An end… and a beginning.

Children in a small country town live an unhappy existence with their parents who don’t understand them. This makes them ripe for temptation by a man named Fenton…

This movie is so obscure that at the time it entered my hunt list, there wasn’t even a listing for it on IMDB. So actually, I’m quite amazed that not only did a listing appear recently, but so did the movie itself. Part of the reason for its obscurity is no doubt its extreme low budget; it was written and directed by a preacher in a small Ohio town. I’ve heard it described as a Christian version of CHILDREN OF THE CORN, and to some extent, that’s an apt description. The first half is rather dreary; we spend a lot of time sharing the unhappy lives of unhappy people, and it’s not until the children in question are made aware of a power they can be given that will transform their lives (by a diabolic character known as Fenton) that the movie starts to take shape. Even at that point, the film feels pretty obvious, but there’s an unexpected last minute twist that seems to redefine what the movie is about, especially if we understand that the Fenton character is supposed to represent the devil. The last minute twist is the best part of the movie for me, though I do think the whole thing would have worked better as a half hour short; as it is, it goes on way too long. Still, for such a low-budget obscure indie movie, it has its moments.

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