Overlords of the UFO (1976)

Article 4637 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 9-24-2014
Directed by G. Brook Stanford
Featuring W. Gorden Allen, Trevor James Constable, Juan Fava
Country: USA
What it is: UFO documentary

Who are the overlords of the U.F.O.s? Could they be beings from another dimension which our science cannot comprehend? Have the governments of the world engaged in a massive cover-up of the truth? Can they bend keys like Uri Gellar?

I found this on YouTube with the big claim that the movie was “banned” and “suppressed”. My own gut feeling is that the word “ignored” would probably be a more accurate assessment of the movie’s fate. All I know is that if I wanted to make a convincing documentary about UFOs, I’d try to keep things focused, ordered, and somewhat realistic. I wouldn’t engage in wild speculation as they do here; nor would I plaster headlines from “The National Enquirer” across the screen as part of my evidence. Yet, perhaps it’s fair to say that the wild speculation heightens the entertainment value of this one somewhat, though it gets boring when the speculation descends into mystical gobbledygook as it does on occasion. The movie feels like it’s several films edited into one at times, with the “Space Voyage from Ummo” sequence in the middle as the part that feels most tacked onto the movie. As for it being in any way convincing? Well…let’s just say that its theory for the cause of cattle mutilations is that it was done by invisible flying predatory critters. If that seems like a convincing theory to you, you’ll find the movie revelatory; the rest of us are more apt to see it as a comedy, especially when you realize that the movie sounds like it was written by Ed Wood and the narrator is as convincing as Criswell.


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