Mysteries from Beyond Earth (1975)

Article 4616 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 8-29-2014
Directed by George Gale
Featuring Lawrence Dobkin
Country: USA
What it is: UFO paranormal science smorgasbord

What is the truth about UFOs? What does it have to do with Atlantis? or Witches? or Bigfoot? or….

Here’s another foray into the world of unexplained phenomena, and I’m beginning to wonder just how many documentaries were made on this subject during the seventies; it seems almost as if every six months or so, another pops up on my list. It’s no surprise that this one covers a lot of the same ground that many of the other movies of this ilk have covered, but it’s also no surprise that it occasionally wanders into areas that the other movies haven’t touched. Still, this one’s insistence on wandering all over the spectrum (on top of UFOS, we get Bigfoot, witches, Kirlian photography, auras, the hollow earth theory, cloning, the Bermuda triangle, black masses, black holes, haunted houses, etc.) that it reminds me of AMAZING WORLD OF GHOSTS; to its credit, this movie doesn’t come across as unfocused as that one was, though it comes close. In the end, when a movie like this ranges this far and wide with its subject matter, it’s very difficult to pin down any particular point or purpose to the project, unless all it’s trying to tell us is that lots of bizarre unexplained stuff going on. This one got very boring quickly, and the moment I found most interesting was at least partially due to the outlandishness of the theory presented: to wit, that the various Bigfoot/Sasquatch creatures might be test subjects dropped off by flying saucers to see if they could survive on this world.

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