Dark Enemy (1984)

Article 4553 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 6-4-2014
Directed by Colin Finbow
Featuring David Haig, Douglas Storm, Martin Laing
Country: UK
What it is: After the apocalypse… for children

It’s after the apocalypse. There is a small society of valley people which consists mostly of children because adults come down with a sickness that kills them. When the current leader decides to pick his successor, one of the candidates sent out on the ordeal is a young boy with psychic powers, and he makes a great discovery…

This was made by a company called Children’s Film Unit, and the cast is made up mostly of children. I gather the movie is intended for children, and I suppose that if you saw it as one, it might have some impact on you. However, as an adult, you’ll probably see mostly a compendium of cliches and obvious moralizing. Furthermore, you might notice that the movie is lacking in energy, not much fun, and actually rather dreary and depressing. In fact, the most interesting thing about it is that the cast is mostly made up of children, and many scenes feel improvised and spontaneous rather than scripted. So there are items of interest here. Nevertheless, if you chose to skip this one, you probably aren’t missing much.

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