2069: A Sex Odyssey (1974)

2069: A SEX ODYSSEY (1974)
aka Ach jodel mir noch einen – Stosstrupp Venus blast zum Angriff
Article 4530 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 5-10-2014
Directed by Georg Tressler
Featuring Nina Frederik, Catharina Conti, Heidrun Hankammer
Country: West Germany / Austria
What it is: Sex comedy (as if you couldn’t guess)

Five women from Venus land on Earth with a mission to gather as much spermatozoa as they can. They land near a small German village where they are mistaken for a French ski team. Many encounters ensue.

Once again, I find myself pointing out that it is my desire to be comprehensive in my coverage of the fantasy/horror/science fiction genres, and this does lead me to certain films I wouldn’t bother with otherwise, and this takes me once again into the realm of sexploitation. On that level, this one is rather mild; it only garners an R rating. That’s one of the two surprises in the movie; the other is that it is a hair funnier than I expected it would be, but then, I didn’t expect it to be funny at all (though I certainly expected it to try). Beyond that, this movie is pretty much at the level you’d expect. This one is checked off; let’s move on.

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