Echoes (1982)

ECHOES (1982)
Article 4527 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 5-7-2014
Directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman
Featuring Richard Alfieri, Gale Sondergaard, Ruth Roman
Country: USA
What it is: Ghost story of sorts

An artist is plagued by vivid dreams from a past life. It turns out that he has an enemy from the past who is trying to manifest himself into the artist’s current life.

In some ways, this comes across as one of the most professionally made of the movies I’ve seen lately. It’s well acted, has a decent visual sense, has a few familiar names in the cast (Sondergaard, Roman and Merecedes McCambridge), and has a potentially interesting premise in that the ghost that continues to haunt the artist down through the ages attempts to manifest himself as a twin of the artist, but who was miscarried in the womb. But the way all this supernatural material manifests itself in terms of the action of the movie is that the artist becomes increasingly rude and unpleasant, especially towards his dancer girlfriend. As a result, despite the fantastic elements, the movie mostly plays out like a really bad romantic drama, and the more the artist acts like a jerk, the less I find myself caring about him or his plight. After a while, I found myself hoping for a really downbeat ending, and I don’t think that’s what the filmmakers intended. In short, this one doesn’t work.

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