Won’t Write Home, Mom – I’m Dead (1975)

Episode of “Thriller” aka Terror from Within
Article 4522 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 5-2-2014
Directed by James Ormerod
Featuring Pamela Franklin, Ian Bannen, Suzanne Neve
Country: UK
What it is: Mild “Thriller”

A woman visits a cousin who she hasn’t seen since she was a child; she’s visiting because her fiance (with whom she has a psychic link) was supposed to have been there. Little does she know that her fiance has been murdered. Will her dreams reveal the secret her fiance left behind?

The British TV series “Thriller” was very uneven; some of them did indeed live up to the title, while others tend to disappoint. This one is a little closer to the latter; though it has an interesting initial setup and passable climax, it’s one of those stories where you just know that most of the running time is going to consist of the heroine not finding the clue that she needs to unravel the mystery, and sure enough, that’s what we get here. It tries to add to the tension by having a subplot about a mysterious Rolls Royce, but the mystery of this plot element feels pretty forced. The psychic link is the fantastic content here, which is more than a lot of the other episodes have to make it qualify. Still, the psychic link manifests itself rather clumsily. At heart, this is an interesting idea marred by a weak script.

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