The Lords of Magick (1989)

Article 4519 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 4-29-2014
Directed by David Marsh
Featuring Jarrett Parker, Mark Gauthier, Brendan Dillon Jr.
Country: USA
What it is: Possibly the worst epic fantasy ever made

In the tenth century, two brothers, both white wizards, are sent on a quest to rescue a princess from an evil sorcerer. Their journey takes them 1000 years into the future where they wield magic in modern times.

To begin with, my hat is off to director/producer/writer/editor/special effects wizard David Marsh. Why? Because he actually managed to get this off the ground, shoot it, and finish it, all on a budget that I suspect wouldn’t have made Ed Wood envious. In some ways, the sheer awfulness of the thing is beside the point; he managed to get it made without the benefit of a decent script or competent actors. It had to have taken a certain amount of passion, and I admire that. Nevertheless, despite the plenitude of campy elements, this movie makes for heavy going, and the crude sense of humor that permeates the movie really gets annoying. Incidentally, this is the only movie credit for the director and the three listed leads.

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