Silent Rage (1982)

Article 4502 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 4-12-2014
Directed by Michael Miller
Featuring Chuck Norris, Ron Silver, Steven Keats
Country: USA
What it is: Chuck Norris movie that thinks it’s a slasher film

When an incredibly resilient homicidal madman is fatally wounded in a police shootout, a doctor saves his life using a new serum that gives him incredible powers of healing. The madman then goes on a rampage. Can local lawman Chuck Norris stop him?

So this is a Chuck Norris film! I can honestly say that I’ve never seen one before. Yeah, I know the central question in the movie is supposed to be “Who will prevail, Chuck Norris or the superhuman madman?”, but given this is a Chuck Norris film, the answer to that is a no-brainer. The more interesting question is “Who is stupider, the sheriff’s comic relief deputy (who tried to dry off his dog by putting him in a deep-freeze) or the brilliant doctor who invented the serum (who thinks that giving a homicidal maniac super-human powers is a good idea)?” The answer is – the brilliant doctor; at least the deputy has the self-awareness to realize he did something really stupid. But that just leaves us with the next question – “Who’s most annoying, the stupid comic relief deputy or the sheriff’s panicky, screaming girlfriend?” The answer is – neither one; it’s the screechy housewife and the yelling kids at the top of the movie who are the ones who drive the madman around the bend. After spending the few minutes you do with this family, you will fully understand why someone might go on a homicidal rampage. The movie is okay, I suppose, and the gratuitous fight scene with the bikers in the bar is probably the high point. Still, when the movie tries for anything but action or horror, it gets pretty awful. And, despite the final twist, I am sincerely glad it didn’t yield a sequel.


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