Where the Bullets Fly (1966)

Article 4492 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 4-1-2014
Directed by John Gilling
Featuring Tom Adams, Dawn Addams, Tim Barrett
Country: UK
What it is: Low-budget Bond parody

Secret agent Charles Vine must prevent spies from getting hold a new shielding material that allows lightweight nuclear propulsion for aircraft.

This is a sequel to THE SECOND BEST SECRET AGENT IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, which I covered some time back. A lot of what I said about that movie still applies here; though it’s obviously intended as a parody of the James Bond movies (it has a fake opening title of WHERE THE BULL FLIES before it gets fixed), it isn’t very consistent at keeping up the parody aspect and ends up being mostly a very low-budget imitation. There are moments that work, moments that don’t, and moments that leave you scratching your head; there’s a scene involving a cat that exemplifies the latter. The shielding material is the main science fiction aspect of the story, but as an invention, it’s pretty passive and remains a Gizmo Maguffin; fortunately, there’s a bit of gadgetry as well. All in all, there’s really not a whole lot to hold the interest here.

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