Rembrandt 7 Antwortet Nicht…(1966)

aka Z7 Operation Rembrandt
Article 4490 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 3-30-2014
Directed by Giancarlo Romitelli
Featuring Lang Jeffries, Joachim Hansen, Christiane Maybach
Country: West Germany / Italy / Spain
What it is: Spyghetti

Secret Agent Mark Donen is sent out on a mission to prevent criminal elements from getting the secret to a German scientist’s new super-weapon.

Here’s another movie I’ve only been able to find in an unsubtitled foreign language edition; it’s cobbled together from a couple of different prints of the movie in different languages, but the only thing in English is the title song. As a result, I couldn’t really follow the story, but I wish I could; this one looks pretty good. The fact that the super-weapon is a death ray of sorts is the type of thing that usually fails to impress, but the opening scene where it is used is pretty impressive. In fact, it looks like there’s quite a bit of gimmickry to add to the fantastic content, and there are plot points having to do with making an exact duplicate of a man and a secret hidden on a painting. It looks efficient, fast-moving and exciting, and I suspect it’s one of the better examples of the Eurospy genre.


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