The Invincible Brothers Maciste (1964)

aka Gli invincibili fratelli Maciste
Article 4473 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 3-13-2014
Directed by Roberto Mauri
Featuring Iloosh Khoshabe, Mario Novelli, Claudie Lange
Country: Italy
What it is: Sword and Sandal

Two brothers named Maciste do battle with an underground kingdom run by an evil queen.

Here’s a concept for you; this movie has TWO Macistes; Maciste the Elder and Maciste the Younger. This must certainly be a blessing for anyone who can’t get enough of Maciste. Unfortunately, it looks like this concept must have been more expensive than I’d thought; the rest of the production looks very cheap, almost threadbare on occasions. One thing is for sure -not much money was spent on the translation or the dubbing, which is full of stiff, wooden dialogue delivered badly. The main compensation is that the two Macistes are actually pretty good when they’re not talking; they know how to handle themselves in a fight, and they have the necessary screen presence to hold the interest, (especially Iloosh Khoshabe as the older Maciste). The story is the usual evil queen nonsense, though since most of the action takes place in an underground matriarch inhabited by beautiful women and leopard men, it has at least a decent amount of fantastic content, and this is further enhanced by the fact that both of the Macistes do have super strength. Yes, it may be one of the chintziest films from the genre, but it certainly isn’t the worst.

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