The Red Club (1914)

aka Den rode klub
Article 4427 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-22-2014
Directed by Knud Lumbye
Featuring Edith Buemann, Tronier Funder, Peter Kjaer
Country: Denmark
What it is: Thriller

When a Prince is forced into a political marriage, his embittered ex-lover, a Baroness, joins a mystical society intent on assassinating the Prince. A captain under the Prince discovers about the plot, but can he act in time to defeat the society?

Apparently, the only existing print of this one is from an Italian archive that has been censored; the scenes involving the rituals of the mystical society have been removed. Unfortunately, that seems to be the primary fantastic content of the movie, though there is a scene involving electrical wires in an underground room that adds a touch of science fiction to the proceedings. Overall, the movie has a serial-like feel to it, in that it seems to involve a succession of perils and escapes; I found myself noticing a certain resemblance to the Louis Feuillade serials from France during this period. Yes, it’s a bit confusing (especially when you consider the missing footage), but it does have its moments and is entertaining enough. I’m just glad that I got an opportunity to catch this one.


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