The Invisible Man (1975)

Article 4415 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-7-2014
Directed by Robert Michael Lewis
Featuring David McCallum, Melinda O. Fee, Jackie Cooper
Country: USA
What it is: Successful TV pilot

A scientist develops a method of making things invisible, and experiments on himself, only to discover that the change eventually becomes permanent.

Well, it may credit its source as the H.G. Wells novel, but it really only borrows the title and the concept. The story isn’t much; it really does little more than set up the premise for the TV series. That being said, the movie is well acted, the special effects are acceptable, and it must have gone over well enough in order for it to actual spawn a series, albeit a short-lived one. If there’s anything I particularly like about the movie, it is that it addresses with some thought an element of the premise that could have been taken for granted; the mask. I’ve seen too many movies where people wear masks (usually to look like someone else) that are supposed to be so convincing that they fool people; this one at least addresses that the mask would have to be made by a very special process, and that the game could be given away by someone actually touching it. I’m surprised that the movie chose to dwell on this aspect of the story, and I like the attention paid to this detail. Still, that doesn’t mean that everything was well thought out; when the title character removes the mask at one point to make himself totally invisible, I had to wonder where he kept the mask in those cases.

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