Jubilee (1978)

JUBILEE (1978)
Article 4387 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 12-8-2013
Directed by Derek Jarman
Featuring Jenny Runacre, Nell Campbell, Toyah Wilcox
Country: UK
What it is: Postpunk art film

Queen Elizabeth is transported by her astrologer into England 400 years in the future to witness a punkish, post-apocalyptic vision of the future.

This is an art film, and though I don’t object to giving them a try, I must confess that I’m no expert on them. So instead of trying to analyze what the movie is trying to do and how it’s trying to do it, all I can do is try to give a vague sense of whether the movie speaks to me in any way. It was quite a ways into the movie before I began to sense that there was a point to it all, and that was only when the movie showed a few hints of having some sort of a story; up to that point, the movie seemed to me to be a pretentious exercise in stylistic overkill on the theme of nihilistic meaninglessness. It might be more meaningful to someone who was part of the English punk scene in the late seventies, but I wasn’t there, and though I do enjoy some of the music of that era, I have little use for its attitude and fashion statements, and those are the aspects that get most of the attention here. There’s lots of sex, lots of violence, some music, and lots of dialogue that, if you don’t find it utterly fascinating, is more likely to make your eyes glaze over. In the end, I can’t say that I got much out of this one.

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