Nebelmorder (1964)

aka The Fog Murderer
Article 4370 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 11-18-2013
Directed by Eugen York
Featuring Hansjorg Felmy, Ingmar Zeisberg, Elke Arendt
Country: West Germany
What it is: Krimi

A serial killer who attacks victims in the woods on foggy nights is on the loose. Police attempt to track him down.

Even when they’re dubbed into English, krimis can be a little difficult to follow, so I didn’t expect to have a lot of luck following this one, which is in German without subtitles. Still, this doesn’t look like your usual krimi; it’s more youth-oriented, less stylish, and seems to be more straightforward than usual. Furthermore, it seems to be from another company than the usual run of krimis. It is also, unfortunately, very talky, and therefore very difficult to follow; I will have to reserve judgment on this one. However, I suspect that this one could prove to be pretty good if I could follow it; there seems to be an interesting plot element involving insects, and even with not being able to understand the language, there’s a climactic interrogation sequence that looks fairly gripping. There’s only a few moody scenes for the horror content, though; most of the movie involves students talking to each other or police investigating. I suspect this one would prove to be fairly decent.


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