El que murio de amor (1945)

aka He Who Died of Love
Article 4276 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 7-29-2013
Directed by Miguel Morayta
Featuring Julian Soler, Luis Aldas, Fernando Cortes
Country: Mexico
What it is: Switched identities farce

A man suffering from unrequited love is visited by a spiritualist who offers him the opportunity to win the countess he loves by switching the souls between him and the count.

Here’s another movie that got saved from my “ones that got away” list. It’s in Spanish without subtitles, but fortunately, I was given a plot summary to help me along. Still, even though I didn’t have trouble following the story, I do have to reserve judgment on this one due to the fact that much of the humor seems to be verbal, and without being able to follow the movie on a line-by-line basis, I can’t really tender a meaningful evaluation. However, it looks solid and well-acted, and it has a fair amount of fantastic content, as the spiritualist has definite powers. Furthermore, there’s a fictional country tossed into the mix (the man who takes over the body of the count must contend with the fact that the count, coming from this fictional country, speaks a different native language), and there are reference to the story of Aladdin. I do find it amusing that the “lamp” of Dr. Aladino, Jr. is a cigarette lighter, but it is disappointing that the genie is personified as a cloudy sky with a voice. Overall, it seems like a decent little comedy.

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