The Naked World of Harrison Marks (1967)

aka The Dream World of Harrison Marks
Article 4205 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 4-17-2013
Directed by George Harrison Mark
Starring George Harrison Marks, Chris Bromfield, Deborah DeLacey
Country: UK
What is is: Bizarre nudie

The life of photographer/movie-maker Harrison Marks is explored, and he is featured in several dream sequences.

Here we take another foray into the world of exploitation. Harrison Marks was a nudie director who must have made something of a name for himself, and if this movie is any indication (a fake documentary about himself as a photographer of beautiful women), he at least had some peculiar and offbeat ideas about how to approach his subject. Perhaps the most interesting thing conceptually about this one is that it deals with the subject of identity; there’s a lot of discussion about how Marks sees himself in contrast to how he is seen by others, and the dream sequences are sometimes his own, and sometimes those of other people. This is an interesting enough subject that I really wish his skill as a film-maker was strong enough to pull it off, but when you consider that his ultimate goal was probably to see how many topless women he could get on the screen, maybe it’s no surprise that the movie is more of a curious oddity than anything else. It’s the dream sequences that push this one into the realm of the fantastic, with the final sequence (a parody of a horror movie in which he finds himself in a script being judged for his faults by a vampire-like character) being the most notable in this regard. Let’s chalk it up to being another one of those odd types of movies that this project occasionally throws my way.

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