Ein Mann Geht durch die Wand (1959)

aka The Man Who Walked through the Wall
Article 4114 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 12-24-2012
Directed by Ladislao Vajda
Featuring Heinz Ruhmann, Rudolf Vogel, Hubert von Meyerinck
Country: West Germany
What it is: Fantasy comedy

When a clerk develops the ability to walk through walls, he uses it to take vengeance on his boss and to romance a young lady he has fallen for.

When I noticed that this movie was classified as a ‘comedy’ and a ‘romance’ on IMDB, and knowing that the movie was about a man who developed the ability to walk through walls, I found myself wondering if this was a remake of MR. PEEK-A-BOO. And, sure enough, both movies are based on the same source novel. I was only able to find this one in a German language version, but having already a certain familiarity with the basic story, and the fact that much of what happens is conveyed visually, I more or less was able to follow the main thread of the action. And, despite the language barrier, I found I liked this one better than either of the other two versions I’ve seen; it not only makes much better use of the central gimmick, but I sense it has a bit more warmth and likability around the edges. Heinz Ruhmann is quite effective in the title role, and my favorite scene has him getting drunk and using his power frivolously. All in all, the language barrier didn’t keep me from enjoying this one.

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