UFO Journals (1978)

Article 4103 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 12-11-2012
Directed by Richard Martin
No cast listed
Country: USA
What it is: UFO documentary

UFOs are discussed and speculations are made.

Back when I covered WHEN MICHAEL CALLS some years back, I quoted extensively from the blurb on the back of the DVD of the movie, compared the description with the actual movie, and came to the conclusion “Never trust a blurb writer.” Well, it’s time to trot that lesson out again, as the blurb on the DVD of this one says, “This full-length feature film takes a hard, scientific approach to the whole question of UFO existence. Combining current knowledge of space mechanics and navigation with detailed accounts of historical sightings, the producers offer their own investigation of purported landings and visits. The end result is a better understanding of these previously inexplicable phenomena.”

So what do we get? We get lots and lots of still photos of UFOs, none of which I’ve seen before and some of which look very unconvincing. We get lots of anecdotal musings by various people, all of whom are absolutely convinced of visits by extraterrestrials and some of which have “Dr.” in front of their names. We get musings on the destruction of Atlantis. We get to see an arc-like model based on dimensions of the ark in the Bible that is supposed to prove that Einstein’s theory of relativity is wrong. We get a man who is psychically connected to an alien named Zoltar. We get claims that mankind came from the planet of Moldec, which existed where the asteroid belt is now found. We get to see an expert on Kirlian photography play a harmonica solo. We get to hear the story of the man who, while in a trance, tattooed a spider onto his arm. We meet a man who can provide proof that he met an extraterrestrial because he has a crystal. And we get lots and lots of references to the Bible, which, whatever positive things you might say about the book, is not a good reference source for those seeking a “hard, scientific approach.” And you get a documentary that feels like it was thrown together randomly from whatever odd bits and pieces that were lying around that could be remotely connected to UFOs, and which simply muddies up the UFO waters rather than clarifying them. And, for all that, this may be one of the dullest documentaries of its sort.

Now I don’t know how this movie was marketed back when it was made, but I suspect it was no better back then than it is now. However, the blurb was right on one point – this was a full-length feature film.

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