Little Red Riding Hood (1922)

Article 4100 by Dave Sindelar
Directed by Anson Dyer
Cast unknown
Country: UK
What it is: Fairy tale

After dressing her daughter up in a red riding hood outfit, a mother reads her child the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”, which is reenacted via animation.

This is a partially live action/partially animated movie, with the animated sections using what looks like paper puppets. It’s a fairly straightforward telling of the story, but some of the details are a bit fun. In this version, we find out what was in Red Riding Hood’s basket (eggs and honey). We also know that it was Red Riding Hood’s trusty dog (who looks a bit like Bandit from “Jonny Quest”) who fetched the Woodsman to save Red Riding Hood. We also find out that it was all a dream, which was no doubt added to remove the trauma of the tragic devouring of the grandma (or the concept that she could emerged unharmed from the entrails of the wolf). Still, the oddest moment in this one was the appearance of what I can only describe as a mutant rabbit-squirrel, proof that the story takes place in a post nuclear holocaust world… or proof that the animators couldn’t make up their minds or didn’t know what a squirrel looked like. At any rate, here’s another movie saved from my “ones that got away” list, and is one of at least three versions that were made the same year.

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