Get Along Little Zombie (1946)

Article 4090 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 11-26-2012
Directed by Edward Bernds
Featuring Hugh Herbert, Christine McIntyre, Dick Curtis
Country: USA
What it is: Haunted house comedy short

A real estate salesman accidentally kisses another man’s wife, enraging the woman’s husband. Later, he has an appointment to show a spooky house to a couple, not knowing they’re the same people he just offended. Furthermore, the creepy caretakers of the house plan to scare them all off.

The comedy stylings of Hugh Herbert are apparently an acquired taste, but fortunately, I quite like him myself, and he did give me the biggest laugh here. Still, the real strength of this short is the energetic direction from Edward Bernds, who keeps things moving quickly. There’s the obligatory scared black chauffeur of the era, but at least Dudley Dickerson helps keep the energy up. One of the nicer things in this one is that there is a real monster running around; he’s played by professional boxer Jack Roper, and he’s scary enough. This is supposed to be one of Herbert’s better shorts, and I found it quite entertaining.


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