The Possessed! (1976)

aka Help Me… I’m Possessed
Article 4042 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 9-27-2012
Directed by Charles Nizet
Featuring Bill Greer, Deedy Peters, Lynne Marta
Country: USA
What it is: A big question mark

A mad psychiatrist deals out cruel punishment to the patients in his sanitarium while a hideous monster runs loose and horribly mutilates people. Could these events be connected?

Well, whaddayaknow… it’s a good old-fashioned piece of bad seventies schlock horror. I haven’t tried too hard to think about this one; I suspect it would only make my head hurt to try. Let’s just say that with all of the gore and sadism on display, the movie nonetheless projects a certain amount of innocence that renders it pretty harmless. What can you say about a movie whose monster looks like a bunch of cherry licorice whips… at least, what you can see of it? Or about a movie whose title conjures up visions of THE EXORCIST while having nothing whatsoever to do with that movie? Don’t sit through the movie hoping to get a really good view of the monster – you’ll just be disappointed. When you get right down to it, the movie does have a little dumb campy charm to it, but when you’re not scratching your head, you’ll be shaking it. It’s just one of those movies.


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