E piu facile che un cammello… (1950)

aka His Last Twelve Hours
Article 4030 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 9-12-2012
Directed by Luigi Zampa
Featuring Jean Gabin, Elli Parvo, Antonella Lualdi
Country: France / Italy
What it is: Fantasy drama

When an industrialist dies suddenly, he discovers that the way to heaven is blocked due to bad deeds he has done during his life. He is given twelve hours to return to Earth and do a good deed, but this may prove more difficult than it seems…

This movie has been sitting on my hunt list for a couple of years, but it finally popped up on YouTube, which goes to show that patience can pay off. Unfortunately, it’s in Italian without English subtitles. I read a couple of plot descriptions that helped me with the basic storyline, so I wasn’t completely lost; however, it’s one of those stories that gains most of its flavor from details that are lost to me due to the language barrier. Therefore, I can’t really give an honest opinion of the movie other than to say that it seems passable but hardly great, and though it has a couple of interesting visual moments, it’s hardly enough to compensate for the language barrier. There’s little more that I can say other than this one is now checked off my list.

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  1. Thanks for your post. I enjoyed Jean Gabin the classic, “Grand Illusion” and “Touchez pas au Grisby”, a film noir. I’m curious about this one; too bad it’s so difficult to find. Especially if the versions that pop up do not have English subtitles. Appreciate knowing about this, though.

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