L’Ours (1960)

L’OURS (1960)
aka The Bear
Article 3972 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 7-8-2012
Directed by Edmond Sechan
Featuring Georges Aminel, Gaby Basset, Francis Blanche
Country: Italy / France
What it is: Loquacious wildlife

A mild-mannered zookeeper has to contend with his tyrannical boss and a talking lovesick bear.

If I found yesterday’s “French movie without English subtitles” impenetrable, I more or less found today’s quite penetrable. Much of this has to do with the central concept; I was never aware of what the point of yesterday’s movie was, while this one is fairly clear. There are some interesting moments in the movie, though I’m not sure they’re necessarily good moments; there are scenes where the zookeeper teaches the bear how to write, a scene where the bear attempts suicide (which is fairly dark for a movie that seems as if it would be aimed at children), and some fairly amusing scenes of the bear walking around the zoo disguised as an old man… and nobody realizing that he’s really a bear. Half of the time the bear is a real bear, and the other half of the time he’s a man in a bear costume; the trouble is that the difference is clearly noticeable. Because I don’t understand French, it’s difficult for me to say how amusing the movie is overall, but I suspect it’s only mildly so. At any rate, this is another movie that I’ve just retrieved from my “ones that got away” list.

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