The Sky Bike (1967)

Article 3961 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 6-24-2012
Directed by Charles Frend
Featuring Liam Redmond, William Lucas, Ellen McIntosh
Country: UK
What it is: Children’s movie

A young boy who dreams of flying discovers an old man who is trying to build a flying sky bike to win a competition. He pitches in to help, but there are other people who also want to win the competition… and they won’t necessarily play fair.

Here’s another one from the Children’s Film Foundation, though this one looks like it was only distributed by them. The best part comes at the beginning, when the young boy has an out-of-body experience while sleeping and dreams that he flies through his room; it’s a neat, moody little sequence and well done. Thereafter, it’s the usual type of stuff I’ve come to expect from the CFF; it’s cute, but hardly compelling. The special effects during the flying sequences are particularly disappointing; the strings are shockingly visible. I’m getting the sense that the movies put out by the CFF are wildly uneven, because some of them are pretty good. This isn’t one of the better ones, however.


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