Toomorrow (1970)

Article 3958 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 6-20-2012
Directed by Val Guest
Featuring Olivia Newton-John, Benny Thomas, Vic Cooper
Country: UK
What it is: Science fiction musical comedy

Space aliens plan to kidnap a pop group whose music has a healing effect on them, but the group wants to return to Earth. Can they go back, solve all their personal problems, and make it to the big concert on time?

If this movie has an audience out there, it’s probably mostly for die-hard Olivia Newton-John fans who are curious to see her from before she became famous. Outside of that, the most interesting credit is that of Val Guest, who directed the first two Quatermass movies, but I’ve seen enough of his work in other genres to know that his name in a movie is no guarantee of anything. As for the movie itself, it’s a harmless piece of fluff; the group plays mostly bland feel-good pop ditties that do little for me, the comedy is equally bland (for the most part, that is; it gets a little sexy on occasion and even has a touch of nudity), and, despite the space alien angle, the plot is mostly concerned the various romantic entanglements of the group members. Overall, the feel is like a watered-down beach party movie, only without the beach… or the fun. I did laugh once. As for Newton-John (of whom I’m not a fan), all I can say is that she does have the pipes, but it’s easy to see why she had to go solo before she made it big.

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