La dama de la muerte (1946)

aka The Lady and Death
Article 3951 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 6-8-2012
Directed by Carlos Hugo Christensen
Featuring Carlos Cores, Judith Sulian, Guillermo Battaglia
Country: Chile
What it is: Another version of “The Suicide Club”

A desperate man joins a suicide club, but afterwards finds a reason to keep living. Unfortunately, he has been dealt the losing card…

Here’s another foreign movie that has no English subtitles to help me out, but it does seem to be cut from rather familiar cloth; it’s another version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Suicide Club”. It’s also one of the movies that Jerry Warren pillaged for footage for THE CURSE OF THE STONE HAND, and though I suppose I could rewatch that one to help me over some of the rough spots of this one, I somehow don’t think it will help much. This is perhaps the most elaborate version of the story I’ve seen, but most of the others have been as parts of anthology films. There are some striking visual moments, though; I love the parts where they actually play the game, because each of the members of the club has his own quirks about how they pick up and show the card. Nonetheless, the lack of subtitles does mar the viewing a bit, especially during the second half of the movie when you’re waiting for the other shoe to fall. Still, this one looks fairly decent. Still, I do wonder just how much this story can be classified as genre.

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