La llorona (1933)

aka The Crying Woman
Article 3933 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 5-12-2012
Posting Date: 5-21-2012
Directed by Ramon Peon
Featuring Ramon Pereda, Virginia Zuri, Carlos Orellana
Country: Mexico
What it is: Ghost, curse and possession story

When their son reaches the age of four, a couple fears for his safety, since the family is under a curse that causes the oldest son of each generation to die on their fourth birthday. Will they be able to break the curse?

The print I saw of this movie is from the only known TV transmission in the last decade, and the print is in terrible shape, as it has bad sound and much of the dialogue is out of sync with the action. My problems were further enhanced by the fact that it is in unsubtitled Spanish, but fortunately, I found a decent plot description that gave me enough of a plot summary to help me along. Yet, despite the creakiness, there is a certain amount of visual flair and atmosphere to this early Mexican horror movie, and there are some eerie scenes of the ghost of the crying woman (the source of the curse) rising out of the bodies of the victims she possesses. Once again, I find myself wishing someone would take the trouble to restore the Mexican horror movies of the era; they seem to be of unusually high quality.

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