Philadelphia Experiment II (1993)

Article 3906 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 4-14-2012
Posting Date: 4-24-2012
Directed by Stephen Cornwell
Featuring Brad Johnson, Marjean Holden, Gerrit Graham
Country: USA
What it is: Science fiction time travel movie

When an attempt is made to revive and enhance the original Philadelphia Experiment, the lone survivor of the first one is thrust into a parallel reality where the USA lost World War II to Hitler, due to the anomalous appearance of a stealth fighter from the future. Can the hero escape the fascist regime, go back in time, change history, and return in time to give his son the confidence he needs to win his first game in a Little League tournament?

For the second time in a row, I find myself watching a movie that deals with time travel, alternate realities, and paradoxes involving a character’s voyage back into time only to have his father killed before he was born. But instead of the witty and amusing foray into the genre that I KILLED EINSTEIN, GENTLEMEN was, this is a rather predictable, ponderous and rather dull action take on the subject, with an unbelievable plot, too much slo-mo in the action sequences, and weak dialogue. There’s a few touches I like; the people have bar codes tattooed on their arms, and I like the sequence where Gerrit Graham has the music changed on a propaganda film from classical music to country. I found Brad Johnson to be a rather dull action hero; another actor played his role in the original film (which I’ve not seen), and I’m willing to bet the original was better. At any rate, if they had any ideas of extending the whole thing into a franchise, this one killed it off.

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