The Corruption of Chris Miller (1973)

aka La corrupcion de Chris Miller, Sisters of Corruption
Article 3859 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 2-28-2012
Posting Date: 3-8-2012
Directed by Juan Antonio Bardem
Featuring Jean Seberg, Marisol, Barry Stokes
Country: Spain
What it is: Psycho and psychological horror

A drifter moves in with a pair of women who have a bizarre relationship with each other. The drifter becomes sexually entwined with the two women, but is there a possibility he could be the serial killer who’s been in the news lately?

This movie ended up with one strike against it early on when I realized that the basic premise was way too familiar; the story of the psychotic drifter becoming intertwined with the lives of two dysfunctional females is actually a pretty common theme, and it has its roots all the way back to NIGHT MUST FALL. Still, you can’t always judge a movie about what it seems to be about initially, and the movie has one little fairly common director’s trick that made me expect that the movie had something up its sleeve; whenever a movie makes you peg someone as a serial killer while taking the effort to hide the serial killer’s face during all the attack scenes, you’d better be prepared for a twist. In the case of this particular movie, the end result is that you’re not quite sure which of the two plot threads (the serial killer one and the dysfunctional relationship one) will ultimately prove to be the major one. In the end, I found this movie had enough interesting touches and plot twists to win me over, despite that initial strike against it. I’m always glad when a movie can surprise me in a dramatically satisfying way.

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