Little Boy Blue and Pancho (1962)

aka Little Boy Blue, Paraiso escondido
Article 3825 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 1-24-2012
Posting Date: 2-3-2012
Directed by Mauricio de la Serna and Raphael J. Sevilla
Featuring Maria Elena Marques, Jorge Martinez de Hoyos, Luis Osorno Barona Jr.
Country: Mexico
What it is: A boy and his monkey

A Yucatan farm boy collects animals, but his favorite is a monkey named Pancho. When his father gets irritated by the monkey’s mischief, he gives it away to a beggar, who sells it to a couple of poachers. The boy undertakes a trek through the jungle to find his beloved monkey.

Here’s another K. Gordon Murray release of a Mexican children’s movie, but unlike most of the others I’ve seen, this is not a bizarre fantasy, but rather a straightforward adventure tale. It’s “The Motion Picture Guide” that has misidentified the movie as fantasy, but it’s not the first time I’ve questioned their genre classifications. The only content here that places it in the fantastic genres is more horror than fantasy; there’s a scene in a spooky old hacienda with a skeleton, and we see the skeleton’s head crawling on the ground, only to discover that there’s an animal under it. It is a bit creepy, but it’s only one scene, and it’s the only moment where the movie tries anything of this ilk. On its own terms, it’s passable, though it helps if you like animal footage; if not, there’s no point in looking for this one. There’s some adventure, a little action, a little tear-jerking, and lots of landscape. In my book, this is another false alarm.

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