Flickan och Djavulen (1944)

aka The Girl and the Devil
Article 3792 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 12-22-2011
Posting Date: 1-1-2012
Directed by Hampe Faustman
Featuring Gunn Wallgren, Stig Jarrel, Kolbjorn Knudsen
Country: Sweden
What it is: Witch’s curse movie

Due to a witch’s curse, a young woman falls under the control of the devil and is used to destroy a family.

Here’s another one from my “ones-that-got-away” list that I finally managed to see, and the copy I found is in unsubtitled Swedish, so much of the detail is lost to me. For me, the most striking section was near the beginning, which (as far as I can tell) deals with a stillborn child thrown into a river followed by a suicide. Gunn Wallgren plays the woman controlled by the devil to destroy the family, and she acquires a split personality; she does an effective job of coming across as two very different people at times. There’s an effective moment involving a barrel of milk, and some nice shots of the devil character tooling around in his horse and cart. All in all, it was interesting enough, but it’s impossible for me to evaluate as a whole until I understand more of the dialogue.


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