La loba (1965)

LA LOBA (1965)
aka The She-Wolf
Article 3707 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-23-2011
Posting Date: 10-8-2011
Directed by Rafael Baledon
Featuring Kitty de Hoyos, Joaquin Cordero, Columba Dominguez
Country: Mexico
What it is : Werewolf movie

A female werewolf is on the loose terrorizing the community, and soon one of the victims who survived her attack also becomes a werewolf.

I found a copy of this one on Youtube, and though I’m not sure that it’s complete, it seems to be mostly there. It’s in Spanish without subtitles, but it’s one of those movies in which it doesn’t matter quite as much, as the talk is kept to a minimum. The movie even opens with a ten minute werewolf-on-the-loose sequence where barely a word is spoken. This movie is surprisingly effective; it is full of atmosphere, the attacks are surprisingly savage and bloody, and the makeup is creative. The werewolf makeup isn’t always effective in the close-ups, but it’s unique and creative in the longer shots, and whoever plays the female werewolf in these shot is incredibly athletic and does a fantastic job of capturing the feel of an unpredictable wild animal on the loose. The female werewolf is covered with patches of fur, but is otherwise naked, and the movie does play with this a bit in the transformation sequences. Even though the plot subtleties do get lost in the language, this was one of the more impressive Mexican horror films I’ve seen, and even those who have no patience with movies not translated into English would appreciate the first ten minutes.

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