Teenage Catgirls in Heat (1997)

Article 3700 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 9-16-2011
Posting Date: 10-1-2011
Directed by Scott Perry
Featuring Dave Cox, Gary Graves, Esmeralda Huffhines
Country: USA
What it is: Just plain ridiculous

An Egyptian cat goddess in the form of a statue gets cats to sacrifice themselves to her so that they can be reborn as humans, which will allow them to find men, mate with them, and kill them, so that the great litter will form a race of catmen to take over the world. A hitchhiker joins forces with a crazed cat expert to defeat them.

The cleverest thing in this movie is the opening credits, which appear as shadows on any variety of surfaces; it’s actually pretty impressive. The movie that follows is just as bad as the title promises, but then, that’s exactly what I’d expect from a Troma release; after all, that’s what they seem to be aiming for. To its credit, there were a few laughs along the way (and lots and lots of topless women), but at about the thirty minute mark, I started finding the whole thing really wearing thin; the insane cat expert really started to get tedious, for example. Still, any ordinary standards don’t really apply here; if the title draws you in, you’ll probably be happy enough with it. One interesting side note – going by the year on IMDB of this movie, it ranks as the latest one I’ve seen to date. However, I wonder about the accuracy of the year; I found it listed in John Stanley’s “Creature Feature Movie Guide Strikes Back”, and not only did it give the movie a date of 1991, but the guide itself was published in 1994, three years before the IMDB date on the movie. I suppose there’s an explanation of some sort; this does seem the type of movie that would sit on the shelf for several years. I do want to suggest a sequel that takes place thirty years after the events in this one: MIDDLE-AGED CATGIRLS IN MENOPAUSE.

ADDENDUM: IMDB has since changed the date on this movie.

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