Dr. Satan (1966)

DR. SATAN (1966)
Article 3667 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 8-14-2011
Posting Date: 8-29-2011
Directed by Miguel Morayta
Featuring Joaquin Cordero, Alma Delia Fuentes, Jose Galvez
Country: Mexico
What it is: Supernatural crime story

Interpol is on the trail of a criminal who uses zombies to help him in his crimes.

My copy of this movie is in unsubtitled Spanish, so my review is based on what I was able to get out of its visual qualities and whatever else I could pick up. One thing I will say; when the movie goes for horror atmosphere, it works very well indeed, especially in the foggy opening sequence where a man on the street is attacked by Dr. Satan and his zombie minions. And for those who have only experienced how Mexico handles devils through the appearance of one in the silly SANTA CLAUS, it’s worth checking out how effectively the appearances of the devil work in this one, with the character having large clear wings and a face hidden by darkness. I can also tell that Joaquin Cordero, who plays the title character, is doing an excellent job, underplaying to nice effect. The subtleties of the story escape me, but it seems mostly centered on the attempts of Interpol to track him down and catch him. Overall, the movie looks quite entertaining, and its rating of 8.1 on IMDB seems to indicate that it is well regarded among Mexican horror fans. I hope to see it with subtitles someday.

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