Supergirl (1971)

TV-Movie aka Supergirl – Das Madchen von den Sternen

Article 3651 by Dave Sindelar

Viewing Date: 7-29-2011
Posting Date: 8-13-2011
Directed by Rudolf Thome
Featuring Iris Berben, Marquard Bohm, Nikolaus Dutsch
Country: West Germany
What it is: Either an art film or somebody’s idea of a joke… and maybe both

A woman from space comes down to Earth to warn of an impending invasion… maybe.

SUPERGIRL! – You will believe a woman can…. uhh… walk around and talk to people. Yes, the movie indeed has the title above, and the credits match that of my source for the movie. According to John Stanley’s movie guide, the girl comes to Earth to warn of an impending invasion, but everyone just wants to sleep with her; I’m glad he had that description, because it gave me the only clue to just what this movie is about. However, the plot description makes it sound more exciting and sexier than it is. You see, the problem is that my copy of this movie is in unsubtitled German, and the only visual hint I have that this movie has any fantastic content at all is the title. No super powers, no spaceships, no strange-looking aliens – a woman goes around and talks to people who drink a lot, and the only hint we get that something interesting is supposed to be going on is that the soundtrack goes all crazy whenever a black Cadillac shows up. The only sign of action we get (if we discount the moment when a man throws a newspaper on the floor) is when someone shoots a gun at someone in a garden, but if that goes anywhere, it’s a mystery to me. The biggest item of interest here is that Rainer Werner Fassbinder is in the movie, though he goes uncredited; I think think he plays the guy in the Cadillac. If there is anything at all exciting here, it’s hidden in the dialogue, but given that the movie has a rating of 3.6 on IMDB (which hopefully was rated by people who understood the language), I suspect there’s really nothing much here worth digging out.


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