Sexy Cat (1973)

SEXY CAT (1973)
Article 3624 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 7-2-2011
Posting Date: 7-17-2011
Directed by Julio Perez Tabernero
Featuring German Cobos, Lone Fleming, Monika Kolpek
Country: Spain
What it is: Serial killer movie

“Sexy Cat” is a popular comic strip about a woman who takes sadistic pleasure in murdering her enemies. An artist claiming to be the true creator of the strip hires a detective to find the necessary proof. The artist then becomes the first in a series of killings of people involved with the strip or with a TV show adaptation, and the detective must help the police to find the killer, who is using the same methods of murder as the character in the comic strip.

I really wasn’t expecting much from this one going into it, but it turned out to be a surprisingly entertaining horror mystery. The murders are rather gruesome and bloody (and the on-screen killing of a snake with a machete won’t endear it to animal lovers), and the mystery aspect is rather fun. It also has a sense of humor, especially in the scenes where the detective has to deal with a somewhat befuddled police inspector. Giallo fans may be disappointed, as the movie has little in the way of stylistic touches, but once I picked out the person who I suspected was guilty of the crimes, I found the movie really held my interest if for no other reason than to see if I was right. All in all, this was not bad for a cheap little Spanish production.


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