Time Warp (1981)

TIME WARP (1981)

Article 3614 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 6-22-2011
Posting Date: 7-7-2011
Directed by Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler
Featuring Chip Johnson, Adam West, Gretchen Corbett
Country: USA
What it is: Science fiction comedy

An astronaut is sent out to investigate reports of a black hole. However, the military Colonel who sent him out on the mission is infatuated with the astronaut’s wife, and he rigs the mission so the astronaut won’t come back alive. However, the astronaut does manage to come back to earth, but only after going through a time warp that puts him a year into the future… and renders him invisible and unable to be heard by all around him.

I went into this one expecting the worst, and was quite surprised to discover that it was a comedy; the DVD that has the movie makes no mention of this. Amazingly enough, its being a comedy may be its biggest saving grace. This is not to say that it’s a good comedy; it isn’t, and it is mostly very awkward. However, every once in a while there’s a clever or funny idea that cuts through the awkwardness; for example, I like the idea that he can only communicate with those around him with the help of animals. Still, these are only small touches and passing moments, but I suspect that as a drama this would have been just consistently dull, and, as it is, there are a few decent moments at least. Nevertheless, I can’t recommend this one.

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