Fricot a bu le remede du cheval (1910)

aka Friscot Drinks a Bottle of Horse Embrocation, Fricot beve la medicina

Article 3592 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 5-29-2011
Posting Date: 6-15-2011
Director unknown
Featuring Ernesto Vaser
Country: Italy
What it is: Man-acts-like-animal early comedy

Fricot is sent out to buy a bottle of horse medicine. Fricot drinks it himself, and begins acting like a horse. Hilarity ensues.

I pretty much had an idea of what this was going to be like at the outset. My only question was – How would the plot set it up so Fricot would accidentally drink this bottle of horse medicine? The answer is simple; Fricot drinks it on purpose. Conclusion: Fricot is an idiot, but I suppose that’s why it’s a comedy. On top of acting like a horse, it also seems to give him the ability to jump between metal bars, though I don’t think I would have tried it. It all ends with a chase scene. Here’s another early silent to cross of the list.


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