Liebe, Tod und Teufel (1934)

aka Love, Death and the Devil
Article 3548 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 4-9-2011
Posting Date: 5-2-2011
Directed by Heinz Hilpert and Reinhart Steinbicker
Featuring Kathe von Nagy, Albin Skoda, Brigitte Horney
Country: Germany
What it is: Deal with the devil variation

A man buys a magic bottle that will grant him anything he wishes… but if he doesn’t sell it to someone for less than he paid, he will lose his soul.

I knew when I was going into this that I would be watching an unsubtitled German language film, so I was hoping to find a good plot description to help me sort it out. Alas, all I was able to find were some short plot descriptions with the above stated plot, but it’s not enough to sort out the subtleties of the story. I’m assuming that this is pretty late in the chain of affairs for this bottle, when the price is so low it would be next to impossible to sell the bottle for less. There’s some interesting scenes here and there that I’d like to find out more about; in particular, I wonder what the one man has on his back that frightens away his Oriental manservants. From what I can tell, the movie is mostly famous nowadays for having a classic song sung by Brigitte Horney.

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