The Mighty Jungle (1964)

Article 3517 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing Date: 3-7-2011
Posting Date: 4-1-2011
Directed by Arnold Belgard, David DaLie and Ismael Rodriguez
Featuring Marshall Thompson, David DaLie and Antonio Gutierrez
Country: USA / Mexico
What it is: Don’t ask

Two explorers go on safaris, one in Africa, the other in South America.

They’ve done it! They’ve finally gone and done it! They’ve crossed a Double-Stuffed Safari-O with…. another Double-Stuffed Safari-O and created a… Quadruple-Stuffed Double Safari-O! This is known as inbreeding, and it produces monsters! Furthermore, it borrows the same technique of storytelling used by THE CREEPING TERROR and THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS, and you know what that means – Narration, and plenty of it. There’s a modicum of plot about a search for a missing party, but don’t think it leads anywhere and don’t count on a resolution. If there’s any fantastic content, it’s in the hallucination the one explorer undergoes after he imbibes some peyote-like substances and imagines himself among ancient peoples performing human sacrifices. One safari goes smoothly and uneventfully; the other one goes wrong spectacularly, which is not to say that it ever approaches being spectacular. So let’s rename this movie GOOFUS AND GALLANT ON SAFARI and be done with it, and let’s add this one to that ever growing list of unbelievably bad jungle movies, a genre that seems to have had more than its share of stinkers.

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